Digital Life + Mobile Life

2 proprietary studies that looked into the way consumers behave on line.

We were tasked with bringing these data sets to life and did so by creating interactive infographics which encouraged the user to filter the data in different ways and dive deep into certain aspects of the findings. Additional animated content was created to further help promote the study.

Digital Life was awarded a prestigious WPPed Cream Award in 2011 and featured by a number of design publications.

Project Everest

Named for the scale of the effort required to reimagine all of TNS’s proprietary data products, we worked for 2 years to assess, restructure + redesign the way that Matrix, Conversion Model, TRI*M + eValuate were delivered to TNS’ global client list.

Starting off with the raw data, we designed core data visualisation systems that could display data from the smallest and largest brands in a unified, clear and inspiring way. We defined a global colour coding system and distinct visual identities for each of the products.


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